DRAGON QUEST V MOD APK v1.1.2 (Unlimited Coins)

Penerbit SQUARE ENIX Co.
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Versi Terbaru 1.1.2
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DRAGON QUEST V MOD APK adalah game petualangan role-playing berbasis cerita dari penerbit SQUARE ENIX. Dapatkan disini!


Wow! The fiery super product called DRAGON QUEST V has just been released and has immediately won great hearts with players. It’s the latest action role-playing game between the ingenious combination of modern gameplay and the old-age story. This combination creates a relatively large attraction and is enthusiastically received by players. More specifically, the optimized debugger has brought great experiences to players.


The game is set in a fascinating and unique story. After studying with his father everywhere and visiting many different places, Pankraz has learned many stories. The next generation follows in the footsteps of the previous generation and inherits many quintessential features. After the boy’s father inherited the tradition of building the kingdom and protecting this stronghold, the boy next came. The boy must be aware that he will replace his father with the great things of the kingdom.

With my father, we learned from experience and learned about many relationships between our kingdom and other kingdoms. To protect the kingdom’s safety, the boy needed to be clear that he should learn martial arts to fight when the kingdom needed it and learn culture to take over major affairs. Finally, the boy continues the unfinished tasks left by his father. Let’s become the hero of three generations to leave the most resounding success ever.


Players will play the role of that talented boy Pankraz. Perform tasks and challenges set. With such a large kingdom, it would certainly be difficult to restore and build a developed kingdom. Players must do that, using the experience learned from their father to build a strong kingdom and protect the loved ones in the castle.

The first is to determine the relationship, and if it is an enemy, it must be eliminated quickly so that the kingdom can soon be at peace. Unite with the villagers to be able to build a rich and strong kingdom with no one poor. DRAGON QUEST V also gives players an interesting experience of giving ideas to build the kingdom. Summon soldiers to command and give battle orders if there are other important events.


Instead of fighting to eliminate violent monsters, we should make friends with them in DRAGON QUEST V. With their violent appearance, and everyone will be afraid. Still, they help us a lot in building and protecting the kingdom. With hundreds of such monsters, we should use their lure to associate with them more easily. And this is also a friend that supports you a lot in this adventure of finding strength.

Players can chat with their friends to find their own paths or discuss battle plans. This conversation helps us a lot in the process of collaborating on ideas. Join the challenges and capture the treasure. Each treasure is a huge source of wealth for the villagers, and in the treasures, there are items. That item can be exchanged for weapons for the fight to find the light to protect the Kingdom. Panoramic view and can see every different corner of the kingdom, this gives good control over your own soldiers and monsters.


With such a rich and powerful kingdom, we need to mobilize our forces, and we are the main commanders for those wars. Let’s put unity first so that we can work well together to win the wars. In addition to solidarity, we need to skillfully use our strength and our teammates to help the people make them happy.

DRAGON QUEST V has an automatic control mode that helps us recover strength before continuing to fight. Control soldiers remotely and easily issue orders from the chat room. Use colorful images with high HD graphics quality. Vivid sound also creates a prominent feature that attracts a large number of players.

Through this, DRAGON QUEST V has brought players interesting and unique experiences. Not only that, but the game also brings great moments in combat or even joy while overcoming difficulties. The emotional levels will be described in this game. You are the heroes of this kingdom, and you have created a beautiful world within the kingdom.

Download DRAGON QUEST V Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins)

Download (188.04 MB)

File Anda sekarang siap untuk mengunduh DRAGON QUEST V secara gratis, tetapi di bawah ini ada beberapa hal yang perlu diperiksa:

  • 1. Beberapa GAMES atau APK secara khusus Dioptimalkan dan Dibangun untuk Arsitektur Prosesor tertentu, jika Anda ingin tahu tentang CPU dan GPU Anda, silakan Gunakan CPU-Z.
  • 2. Silakan gunakan catatan instalasi kami untuk mengetahui lebih banyak tentang cara menginstal.
  • 3. Untuk fitur MOD silakan lihat Info Mod.
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