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DYSMANTLE MOD APK adalah game role-playing aksi bertahan hidup kiamat dengan dunia terbuka dan nuansa penuh perasaan


DYSMANTLE membawa Anda ke konflik bertahan hidup yang mendebarkan di mana Anda harus menunjukkan keberanian sejati Anda. Ini adalah permainan aksi serba cepat di mana Anda harus menggunakan semua keterampilan Anda untuk melawan berbagai musuh. Pertarungan ini terjadi di banyak wilayah yang berbeda, dan Anda harus mengalahkan semua musuh yang mengerikan sambil tetap melindungi dunia yang sedang mekar.


Untuk menyebarkan strategi serangan, Anda harus terlebih dahulu menetapkan misi Anda. Anda tersesat di pulau terpencil, dan semuanya di sini menakutkan; semuanya telah berubah dengan cara yang tidak pernah Anda harapkan hanya dalam satu malam. Lebih dari itu, Anda harus menyusun strategi serangan untuk kembali ke pikiran daratan. Lakukan pertarungan yang kuat dan menangkan yang paling meyakinkan.


Players must enlist the assistance of friends on this island, notably unique angels. They will assist you in coming up with new ideas, developing your abilities, and successfully utilizing your ability. You must also be completely prepared in terms of weaponry and energy, and you must begin to burst with fresh battles. Destroy them totally, restore the peace to the land you walk through, and then proceed to the next place to battle.


Begin fighting once you have enough weapons, abilities, and strength with your companions. These adventures will be measured by the day, and you will progressively confront severe opponents who are likewise formidable foes. To win, you and your team must battle effectively. Players will continue to replenish energy as the second day begins with numerous difficulties, creating strong impressions and fitting the game’s requirements.


You want to get back to the mainland as soon as possible because this area isn’t for you. You have been escorted here by the angels to the circle of destiny. If you lack the necessary spirit and strength, it may be tough to turn it around, so only do this rotation when you are confident. Even more intriguing, you will be able to leave the chaos that this island has created and will no longer encounter those insane adversaries.

In this DYSMANTLE, you have escaped the danger zone and, more significantly, the cursed island. Players earn power and the assistance of brand new buddies. They don’t mind hardships and will fight to beat the foes and reveal the mysteries here. You have enough power to break the cycle of fate and return to the mainland safely.


  • With the correct equipment, you can destroy almost 99 percent of all items in search of resources. You will not be stopped by any obstacle.
  • Fight cruel and terrible animals that inhabit the post-apocalyptic world, or try to escape from them.
  • Discover the secrets hidden throughout the open-world as you go across it.
  • You must first avoid being killed by monsters before you may wipe out places and lay claim to them.
  • Establishing your presence requires the construction of outposts.
  • Construct permanent weapons, tools, armor, and other adornments here!
  • You may either tame or hunt different kinds of wildlife for your post-apocalyptic zoo ranch.
  • Grow healthy plants on your farm and enjoy the benefits of your labor as the harvest matures.
  • Find solutions to riddles both above and below ground as you explore the Tombs of the Old Ones.
  • Fish that hide their scaly selves under the surface of the water.
  • Cook tasty meals for permanent stat and ability improvements.
  • Discover the secrets that are hidden on the odd island.

Download DYSMANTLE Mod Apk (Full Game, Menu)

Download (488M)

File Anda sekarang siap untuk mengunduh DYSMANTLE secara gratis, tetapi di bawah ini ada beberapa hal yang perlu diperiksa:

  • 1. Beberapa GAMES atau APK secara khusus Dioptimalkan dan Dibangun untuk Arsitektur Prosesor tertentu, jika Anda ingin tahu tentang CPU dan GPU Anda, silakan Gunakan CPU-Z.
  • 2. Silakan gunakan catatan instalasi kami untuk mengetahui lebih banyak tentang cara menginstal.
  • 3. Untuk fitur MOD silakan lihat Info Mod.
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