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It is the mission of TEKNOLETS the moment of birth. We don't want to be the site of the most visited web or the fastest. We want to be a very private, with a lot of interesting things to read, and where all people are accepted.

Do you believe? We, young people with passion and enthusiasm, has been researching and building this website starting from zero. And we have been working hard, dedicating time and money to build a playground together for You, also to ourselves.

Dengerin gives You a new way to find and download software and web applications terbaru. Our website specializing in providing the latest version of software quality options for Microsoft Windows operating systems and Mac OS every day.

10 main reasons why You should choose Dengerin:

  • Software and application quality options.
  • We include Windows and Mac operating systems and web applications terbaru.
  • Version, icon, screenshots, and new features that are updated every day.
  • Archive of the old version which can be downloaded if You do not like the latest version.
  • Technical Data, log changes, and comments are available for all programs.
  • Design user friendly interface for better usability.
  • The pages are optimized for web browsing experience faster and better.
  • Download fast from the server is our special, each with a connection is 1Gb and continued support.
  • All software tested using VirusTotal and Google Safe Browsing and 100{fc415d2cb5c06eede3f188d4458a6bb59bfaf99c650759a1373f051edb17462f} free of spyware and viruses.
  • Social networking, RSS feeds, and Email Notifications will keep You updated with the latest version.

Only the beginning

From now on, we know that it is difficult to operate and develop the website. However, this is just the beginning. We hope this path will be a little prickly (although know a lot) but hopefully every praise, encouragement such as “interface You pretty” or simply a comment is enough energy for us to continue this journey.

Hi! Read from the beginning to the end tired or not?