(150+ Valid) FREE Netflix Accounts & Password [Daily Updates]

August 14, 2022 (1 year ago)
Free Netflix Account

100% Working Netflix Premium Accounts are shared below. These are Free Netflix Accounts with these accounts, you can log in to Netflix Premium and watch everything for free. you can watch Ads Free premium Netflix Web Series and videos. In case any account is not working. please let us know. we will try to add the new and working Free Netflix Account as soon as possible.

Netflix is regarded as the leading internet entertainment service across the world, and it comprises of around 182 million memberships in over 190 countries. All the members are eligible to enjoy TV series, documentaries, and feature films through their Free Netflix Premium account.

Besides, they can go for watching a wide variety of genres in multiple languages. Members own the freedom of watching as much as they want! Also, there are no time constraints, so you can watch shows at any time and at anywhere, on any Internet-connected screen.

As a member, you can play, pause, and resume watching shows and that too, without any interruption of the typical commercials or commitments; which are certain things you hate the most when you are duped into the thrill of the show.

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Free Netflix Account 2022

Netflix’s free account is something that each and every user tends to crave for! If you have been one of them, you can go online and search for the websites that offer giveaways. Free Netflix Accounts are something you can grab for yourself and then you would be able to access the features of a Netflix account at absolutely free of cost.

These kinds of accounts are basically meant for the first-come-first-serve purpose and one who grabs it at first would be eligible to change the dedicated username and password so that the second person does not get a scope to fetch it!

Free Netflix Account

If you want to get a free Netflix premium account, you ought to participate in the free Netflix premium account giveaway and it’s all yours! However, in case you find that you aren’t able to log in to an account, you should realize that you are no longer eligible for it since someone else might have grabbed it before you, and that person had altered the password so that he/she could have the only access to that particular account, and now, you need to wait till the time the next giveaway is announced.

What is Netflix Premium

Today everyone around the world knows about Netflix. And you will also know that users have to spend money to watch Shows or Videos on Netflix. The plan we get access to after purchasing Netflix membership. That plan is called Netflix Premium Plan.

Now users must be thinking that when they can watch Netflix videos for free, then what is the need to buy Netflix Premium? I want to tell you that you cannot watch the videos given in the Netflix Premium Plan without buying it.

It is a different thing that you download Netflix MOD APK from DivyaNet and watches Premium Videos for free. But if you are thinking that without a MOD app and without a Premium Account you can watch web series or videos for free, then you are living in confusion.

In Netflix Premium, you get a chance to watch Web Series released by Netflix without ads. Also, you can watch any web series as often as you want without any hassle. If I say in a line, the paid membership that one has to buy to watch the videos released by Netflix is ​​called Netflix Premium. But you do not need to buy any Membership because we have given below free Netflix account for you.

What is Netflix

By the way, you have come to DivyaNet only by searching for Free Netflix Account. So you would know about Netflix. But sometimes it happens that only one person out of thousands becomes someone who is not aware of Netflix. So this is the section for them. If you know what Netflix is, you can also skip this section.

Netflix is ​​the name of the company providing a Subscription Based Video Streaming Service. Which provides free and Paid both ways to watch the latest and trending Shows, Movies, and Web Series.

You can watch movies of Hollywood, Bollywood or any industry with the help of Netflix. Also Netflix produces its own Web Series. But to watch all this on Netflix, you must have a Premium Membership.

if you do not have Netflix Premium Membership and want to watch Netflix Shows but don’t want to spend money. Then this is the post that will be helpful for you. Because here we are providing you Free Netflix Account.

it is not the complete history and introduction of Netflix, it can take you months to read completely about Netflix. But you are not going to do a Ph.D. on Netflix so it is not necessary to read all the details. you have here to get your Free Netflix Account, so it’s my duty to share a little about Netflix Premium and Netflix Premium Accounts.

Below i covered up complete details related to Netflix Premium Accounts. you can easily able to know the process to get a new and working Netflix Account every day. I have also shared some other ways to to watch Netflix Premium videos without having an premium accounts. so do not miss any paragraph of this post.

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These days people don’t have time to watch movies and show at one place because of time so they prefer to watch Online Media Site and Netflix is most popular among them.

Earlier it was DTH or dish time but now the time has been changed. Netflix Mod is a better option for those who are unable to pay for Netflix Monthly Subscription and want to watch shows and web series.

Go And Grab your free Netflix Premium Mod APK & enjoy your favorite TV Shows, Web Series, etc.

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Netflix Premium Account Plans, Pricing & comparison

If you have been bothered about the Netflix plans available along with their respective pricing, read on! Here are the details of Netflix Plans and Pricing:

The pricing would vary for every country and thus, you would require to check the pricing for your country on Netflix’s official website and find out how much you would need to spend!

Netflix Premium Accounts Plans

Mobile Plan: As I told you Netflix mod is one of the best video streaming services provide all over the Internet that’s why they are providing 4 types of Plans. Mobile plans cost you 199 INR in India. You can cancel this plan at any time. You can watch unlimited movies and TV shows with this plan but in poor quality.

Basic Plan: This plan will cost you $9 in us and 499INR in India. This is a very basic plan so that you will get very limited Features in this plan like you can watch Netflix on your laptop, mobile, tablet and TV. You can use watch videos on one screen at the same time using Netflix Basic Plan.

Standard Plan: Standard Plan will cost you $13/₹649. In this plan you will get almost all premium features like you can watch videos in HD quality. with standard plan of Netflix you can watch videos on Two accounts at the same time.

Premium Plan: Free Netflix Premium account is the reason you are here. Netflix Premium gives you the best video streaming experience. very few Video streaming providers are providing these features like Amazon Prime. With the Netflix Premium Account, users can watch videos on 4 screens at the same time and can watch videos in Ultra HD quality. we have discussed more features about Free Netflix Premium Accounts below.

Premium Netflix Accounts Plans Table

We have created a table to make you understand about its pricing in India and worldwide. we

Netflix Plans TypesMobileBasicStandardPremium
Monthly price₹199₹499/$9₹649/$13₹799/$16
Watch on your laptop and TVNoYesYesYes
HD availableNoNoYesYes
Ultra HD availableNoNoNoYes
Watch on your mobile phone and tabletYesYesYesYes
Screens you can watch on at the same time1124
Unlimited movies and TV showsYesYesYesYes
Cancel AnytimeYesYesYesYes

Unlimited movies and TV shows, Watch on your mobile phone and tablet and Cancel Anytime features are available in every Netflix Plans.

Free Netflix Account Features

Guys, you will get all the features of the Netflix Premium Account in the Free Netflix Account we have shared. Because these accounts are from Original Netflix. It is not the account of any MOD or Hacked apk. I have made a list of all the features you will get in it below. So you read them once. You will have a lot of fun. Although you might be aware of the Netflix account premium plans, here I am going to mention the features that this account has got to come up with:

1. Multi-screen

The same Screen on Multiple devices is called Multi-screen. With this free premium Netflix account, you are eligible to share your screen up to 4 segments at the same time. This means through such an account, you can share your screen with 3 of your other friends including you and all of you will be able to watch your favorite movies, shows and web series at the same time from any location.

2. 4k Ultra HD quality

4K refers to one of two high definition resolutions: 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels. its is the highest video quality so far. Netflix premium account allows you to watch all the shows in ultra HD quality which means that you will not have to make any sort of compromise when it comes to the picture quality. For all those users who have been planning to use Netflix on their smart TVs, you can go for it since smart TVs do support this provision.

3. Unlimited Download

The unlimited download means there is not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent. With a free Netflix account, you will be able to download anything from Netflix and later on, you can watch it anytime based on your preference. As you have downloaded anything from Netflix, you can watch that later! However, you can watch it without the internet post download, but that’s something meant only for you and you are not allowed to share it with anyone and everyone.

4. Accounts Sharing

You may choose to share your Netflix ID and password with your friends and family members. Yeah, you can do that so that they would also be able to enjoy watching on Netflix. Yet, make sure that you do not share the credentials with someone who could deceive you, for that person would intentionally change your password and you won’t be able to login post that!

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Below We have shared 5+ Free Netflix Account 2022 Username and password also grab that Netflix premium account and Change the password before someone else does.

Username[email protected]
QualityUltra HD


Netflix gives you the provision to sign up for a single Netflix account at a time. This is meant for the usual cases as per the design of Netflix; however, you can still go for multiple free trial systems through various billing methods. If you have been wondering whether this procedure is legitimate or not, let me tell you, that it is absolutely legal.

Get Free Netflix Accounts

Friends, this section is a very useful section for you, because in this section I will share with you many ways to get Free Netflix Accounts. and I also covered how can you get Netflix Premium Account daily. Its information will be found in the details.

#1 How can you sign up for Unlimited Netflix free trails?

Even if you do not have a credit card, you can still go for it! All you need is different billing systems like a credit card, a debit card, a PayPal account or a reward/gift card. A Netflix gift code would also do wonders.

Here are the steps to join/sign up for a Netflix free trial:

1 Step – Very First visit the official website of Netflix.

2 Step – Click On, “Try IT”

3 Step – Next, select the option, “See the plans”

4 Step – There you can see all the plans provided by Netflix. you can choose any plan from the Red Buttons showing in the picture at the top. Tap on continue to move forward.

5 Step – Once you will tap on contine you will see a window like given image. where it is asking you to signup.

6 Step – You will be asked to provide your Email address and password. Enter them correctly in their respective fields. Check the screenshot below.

(Make sure that you enter an email address that you have never used with Netflix before)

7 Step – Your Free Netflix account has been created. you will have to set up your payment. for that click on Button.

8 Step – Here, you will be directed to the billing page wherein you ought to select your payment method. Make a choice.

9 Step – Next, enter your name and billing information. Select Membership and you are done!

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#2 Free Netflix Accounts by DivyaNet

Use Before someone else change the password.

Username:[email protected]
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Password:Get It
Username:[email protected]
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Password:Get It
Username:[email protected]
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Password:Get It
Username:[email protected]
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Password:Get It
Username:[email protected]
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Password:Get It


Username:[email protected]
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Password:Get It
Username:[email protected]
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Password:Get It
Username:[email protected]
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Password:Get It
Username:[email protected]
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Password:Get It
Username:[email protected]
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Password:Get It


#3 Free Netflix Account By Netflix Premium APK

Guys This is a way that if you follow, then neither you have to buy a netflix plan nor do you need a premium account. All you need to do is download the MOD application of Netflix in your mobile. Because this app is created by cracking premium application.

Let me tell you that this app is completely safe and you will not spend any money from your pocket to use it. So, without delay download the Netflix Premium APK, whose link is given below in the button. And enjoy free Netflix Account.

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See what Netflix says about Netflix Premium Accounts

Netflix Premium Plan lets you stream TV shows and movies from Netflix on four devices at the same time and in high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (UHD) if available. This plan also lets you download titles to four phones or tablets. Source: Netflix.com

Free Netflix Accounts FAQs

As everyone knows Netflix is ​​one of the most used video streaming websites in the world. Millions of people spend their hours on Netflix daily. but while looking for Free Netflix Account, everyone has a lot of questions related to Netflix, such as how to get Netflix Premium Accounts for free.

Apart from this question, many questions come to the mind of the users. So this section was made for the most asked questions. Apart from the questions given below, if there is any question that you want to be answered, then you have the option of the comment box, ask your question and get the answer in a short time.

How to get Netflix Free Trial?

To get a free trial of Netflix Premium you will need to register with Netflix.com and then they will ask your credit or debit card details. Fill the details of your card. Don’t worry they will not deduct your money until one month complete. Even they will remind you before deducting your money. you can cancel your account at that time. you can get Netflix Trial Account for free unlimited time with the same method. but you need to use a fresh email id every month.

What is Netflix Premium Account?

Netflix provides premium membership to all the users who buy it. in exchange, they give you all the premium features of Netflix prime so that you can watch unlimited TV shows in Ultra HD Quality.

How to get Netflix Account For Free?

To get Netflix Account for free you need to visit DivyaNet.Com on the internet and then search Netflix on this site. you will see a complete post about Netflix Free account. open that post and you will find daily updated new accounts there for yours.


Every time you need to go for a free trial, ensure repeating the same procedure over and over again. However, take care that you mention a different mail address each time to get a Free Netflix Account. Having access to multiple credit cards would help! Using a debit card or a PayPal account too, works! Last but not least, ensure canceling your free trials before the dedicated time.

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